A White Woman's Response to the 'Prayer of a Weary Black Woman'



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Forgive Them

"Forgive them. They don't know what they're doing."

At Calvary, Jesus dropped the charges.

First forgive God. Two forgive yourself. Three forgive others. Repeat until your death.

You can't keep your eyes on the prize by looking backward.

Richard Hicks 278 days ago

Revolutionary words

I do not in any demonize the author of this prayer, but I understand Dreher's frustration, because I think the prayer has the potential to lead people away from God. Jesus's revolutionary words weren't about achieving justice in this world. We can indeed hate injustice itself -- which is after all something only God can truly conquer -- but we are not called or commanded to hate other people. Thanks anyway for exploring some of the questions!

David Kingsworthy 280 days ago

No room for hate

Christianity does not have room for hate either because of actual grievance or because of perceived inaction to right a wrong. Christ said: LOVE! God says: LOVE! Anything else is a blasphemy.

Dick Dedic 280 days ago