George Floyd Memorial (Large)
A mural near the site of George Floyd's murder has become a memorial to him. (Courtesy Photo)

Chauvin Verdict Reactions: ‘Breathe, Pray, Work’



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I hope you have a better plan

Than whites are inherently racist and should repent of being born white. So far, that verbiage has only succeeded in exacerbating the racial problem.

Just curious, in your attempt to "dismantle racism", is there a scenario where police are allowed to use force against an African American that is not portrayed as the white oppressor whooping up on the "poor black folk"? Also, Is there a goal to do away with mob rule that is also destroying people's businesses and also lives? If there is not, then you need to rethink how to "dismantle racism."

A better starting point would be the one Martin Luther King had: Regardless of the color of our skin WE ARE ALL BROKEN and in desperate needs of God's grace, mercy and redemption.

betsy more than 1 year ago