Complaint Against Jeff Sessions Dismissed as 'Political, not Personal'

Opponents Refer to Decision as 'the Nuremberg Defense'



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Attorney General

"We are choosing not to intervene with child abuse because it is 'political' - ". What?? The Attorney General quotes one verse of Romans out of context to serve his own political power. Hypocrisy.

I'm pleased the UMC called Jeff Sessions out. He is a public figure. I am United Methodist. I do not agree with the Family Separation Policy. It is abusive to children.

Cheryl more than 3 years ago

Three things

1. The church's primary focus is not political activism. The kingdom of God cannot be legislated into existence or by any other governmental action. Prohibition proved that you cannot legislate morality/personal behavior. Since the Methodist Church was so strongly involved in that effort, one would think that would have been a learning experience for the denomination. But I guess the old adage that if you ignore your history you are doomed to repeat it is proving true.
2, Articles like this should post a disclaimer making it clear that such views are not representative of The United Methodist Church but is representative of only one faction that is housed under the name United Methodist. Which leads me to:
3. How this person responded to the whole situation is proof positive that the sexuality debate is not the only presenting issue of our deep theological divide.

betsy more than 3 years ago

And neither can the government

Prevent the kingdom of God from coming into existence right here and right now. Early Christianity flourished in spite of the Roman Empire who did their best to kill Christianity by killing the Christians. Obviously they did not succeed. Communism in Russia came and went; despite the best efforts of the government Christianity was still alive and well when the communist government crumbled.

betsy more than 3 years ago

Political stunt

This was a political stunt by a political group within the UMC who represent a tiny minority of UMC members. The complaint should have been tossed and received more publicity than was worthy of any serious website or publication. To suggest it had any validity because of the misrepresentations of Rev. Susan Henry-Crowe in her political screed against the administration's policy on immigration or security concerns with travel from certain countries is just laughable.

John more than 3 years ago