Dismantling Racism: The School-to-Prison Pipeline

Crisis Watch July 15, 2020



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As a Prison Ministry Volunteer and Retired School Teacher

As a twenty year UM prison ministry volunteer and retired school teacher:

Keep making everything illegal. When we have jailed all of ourselves whose gonna pay the taxes?

Only better parenting and better parents can stop the flow of out of control kids dumped into schools where, yes, those kids probably are headed for prison.

We must admit that mental illness begins much earlier than we think.

Here in Oklahoma in our prisons 40% of the men and 60% of the women officially have at least one mental health diagnosis.

I did my chaplaincy internship at a state mental hospital. Prison is not the place for the mentally ill.

Check out the US Department of Justice website to find studies on mental illness in our prisons.

The best teaching job I had was in a men's prison in Texas. Why? No parents.kj

Richard F Hicks more than 1 year ago