First UMC Dallas to Bless All Marriages Dec. 29

Same-sex Unions to Be Included in 'Covenantal Celebration"



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It's a sin not to follow mans law

The Bible is clear here, it's a sin not to follow man's law. In this case the man are the men and women who vote every four years on church law, better known as the Book of Discipline. The General Conference is the denominations law making body and its form of government.

When Bishops and other clergy defy the BOD, they have sinned and the Bible says they will be held accountable. Now under the theology of the progressives, are sins are equal and we're all sinners, so why not sin a little more.

What makes this all so amusing is that the same progressive clergy who are so willing to set aside church law on issues they don't support, will also deflect to the BOD as the law in supporting issue they do like.

None of this makes their actions OK, but as we see in this article liberals will celebrate setting aside the law when it serves them to do so.

Brother Thom more than 1 year ago