God's Wrath is the Salvation of the Oppressed



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This absurdity suggests...

...John Wayne's most incongruent movie quote, from the much-panned Genghis Khan biopic "The Conqueror." In what passed for courtship the hero picked an argument with the woman who would become his chief wife, Bortai, with the spoken explanation, "Say, you're beautiful in your wrath!"

If Deity is all-knowing, we were designed as we were meant to be. Thus wrath of God is wrath at itself. Lunatics like Jonathan Edwards preaching a wrathful Demiurge engaged in deception. This is what the blues singer Tom Waits called the "Drunk Daddy" version of God. If it were accurate, it would portray a being unworthy of worship. The discussion says nothing about God, but plenty about his fan club. Those who manipulate the masses for their own advancement ultimately achieve their own reward.

George Nixon Shuler more than 4 years ago

Another different viewpoint

from J. D. Walt, Day 7 of the Advent devotional, "Not Yet Christmas":

"The seduction of darkness can be almost overwhelming. Every day the world makes more and more provision for the flesh. What if we [Christians with a Wesleyan accent] took a different approach? What might it mean to stop fighting the darkness and instead 'put on the armor of light'? What would it look like to 'put on the Lord Jesus Christ'? Just as light displaces darkness so love displaces sin."

Legislation can never, will never displace the inherent dark sinfulness of humanity. Only God through Jesus Christ can transform individuals into the truly human persons God envisioned when he created the earth and everything in it and called it good.

Betsy more than 4 years ago

Another view point

"Advent is the acknowledgment that “we just can’t.” We cannot save ourselves. We cannot reason ourselves into a world of light and happiness. We cannot prevent the dark forces of poverty, abuse, and war. We need a Savior. We need Christ to come and bring about the power of the New Creation. We just can’t." http://www.seedbed.com/advent-and-the-winter-of-our-disenchantment/

In response to the enquiry re God's wrath: God is angry at our failures but that anger is outweighed by the love he showed us via what he did for us in Jesus Christ. In the life, death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus who is fully divine as well as fully human, God himself accepted His own wrathful judgment against humanity which also makes Jesus an explosive act of holy love unlike anything we can imagine.

Betsy more than 4 years ago

God's wrath

I find it very troubling that God's wrath is being discussed so frequently. To me that is the view of Old Testament Israelites. The overall view of the New Testament is that God is love and all compassion. Anger and wrath are not part of the fruit of the Spirit. Since God is love, then how can God be rath? Is God waiting for us to be rath full or compassionate like God?

Marilyn Davis more than 4 years ago