Has the Time Come for America to Atone for its Original Sin?



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We are not accountable

for what our forefathers did with African slavery. However, as promised, our racial problems are the sin of our forefathers being visited on multiple generations. Our time, energy and money would be better invested in dealing with the problem at hand. And it needs to be done with an attitude of grace and mercy for everybody on both sides of the race problem because in God's eyes, there is no "white privilege" only broken people who are in desperate need of his amazing grace. Legislation can require people to act differently towards each other but only God's grace will change how we view each other.

betsy more than 1 year ago

Long way to go indeed.

As documented in the article, very little support for this idea from the people who wouldn't be receiving the money.

Anonymous more than 2 years ago

Long way to go indeed

The practice of slavery was deplorable and every other adjective you can think of! But the black people today should not receive any compensation, and the white people should not have to pay. All those involved in slavery, are long dead and gone. Let's just make sure that it doesn't happen again, with any race!

Elaine McCurry more than 2 years ago