Hoosier United Methodists Host Interfaith Service with Syrian Refugees



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Same God?

Recently a Wheaton University professor came into scrutiny because she said Christians and Muslims worship the same God. While those enthralled by Islamophobia are aghast at this, how could it be otherwise, if there is only one God? Sure, we have The Trinity, which is an extrabiblical theory kind of like saying "professional" employees are management and therefore ineligible for overtime pay although they supervise no other employees and make no decisions binding on other staff (the courts shot that one down, btw). In constrast Islam has one God, and Mohammed is "his Prophet" but not a member of Godhead per se. Yet as an Abrahamic faith they honor Jesus Christ as a Prophet as well and always say "Peace be unto Him" when saying his name just like they do Mohammed's (Abraham and Moses, too). I salute this forward-thinking church. Anything we can do to counter the meme that "there is a war between Islam and Christianity" is for the greater good. The idea that "religious freedom applies only to Christians" is obscene and should be fought with all means necessary.

George Nixon Shuler more than 6 years ago