Human Sexuallity is Devil's Rope and the Brilliance of 'A Way Forward'



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My problem from two perspectives

One Perspective: What about the same consistent answer General Conference came up re sexuality 10 times over 4 decades. The truth is homosexuality is incompatible with Christian teaching for the first 2000 years of Christianity. There are those that still embrace that teaching--the Wesleyan Church embraces that teaching and since 2012 they have been managing consistent and often record-breaking growth here and elsewhere around the world. Are we as American Methodists really a more enlightened version of humanity? My overall life experience tells me we are not.

From a different perspective: Why is everybody so excited about the commission and think that it will come up with the miracle cure--they may, but only if a General Conference approves it. And what has every General Conference done since 1972? And guess what, the chatter is this will be the 4th such commission since 1988. The previous three commissions came to the conclusion that homosexuality should be deemed acceptable and three General Conferences obviously disagreed. The simplest and cheapest thing to do would be for us to trust in our processes and to accept the ruling of General Conference and move on. General Conference is, after all, the only thing designated to speak on behalf of the church. Why do we keep mucking around in this? The apostles had a fascinating way to pick a replacement for Judas: they narrowed the choice down to two and designated that a roll of the dice would give the final answer. They rolled the dice one time, accepted the answer and everybody moved on. They trusted in the designated process. How many times do we have to keep rolling this dice? What answer are we looking for? One that will please everybody? Good luck on that one!

Ella Pauline more than 5 years ago