Jeff Sessions Speech Interrupted by Methodist, Baptist Clergy



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It's pretty hard to ....

It's pretty hard to get any point across after being rude.

Skipper 352 days ago


Unfortunately I expect nothing else at this point.

Sandra 354 days ago

Oh How Proud Maxine must be! Public confrontation is a new religion!

Because I am among the many who want our borders protected and sealed against bad people, and because i do not believe we can afford to be the global nanny that liberals desire, I appreciate the efforts of President Trump and AG Sessions and others. Among my circle of Deplorables, outbursts like those from Green and Hamilton, as well as, restaurant attacks on various conservatives only increase our resolve to support Trump's full agenda. So, keep it up boys and girls; we're watching, we're voting, and we're supporting our president.

Reese 354 days ago

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