Lamentation and Bitter Weeping



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Where Were Your Lamentations When Racial Violence Occured at the Wi. State Fair?

Is it racial violence only when black people are attacked? Is it racism only when it is white people perpetrating it? Please look at this article from Business Insider (hardly a right wing publication) -

The UMC said nothing when violence and murder were perpetrated against white farmers in Zimbabwe. The UMC was a stalwart apologist for the murderous Mugabe regime for many years. Replacing one racist regime with another does nothing good. Even South Africa after Mandela has descended into violence and tribalism.

If we are truly no longer Greek or Jew, male or female, then all of us need to confess, repent and turn from our racism, because we all have racist tendencies, no matter our race or ethnicity. The best place to start would be on Sunday mornings where we can worship together and get to know each other better and understand at our core we are all sinful and fallen people who need to come together to worship God and proclaim salvation through Jesus.

Dan 230 days ago

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