North Texas UMC Puts a Spotlight on 'The Struggle for Justice'



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As a life long Methodist and charter member of Cedar Park First UMC, I was disappointed in the "lead" in the current UM Insight newsletter. While I agree that George Floyd didn't deserve to die the way he did, we must not forget that George was a career criminal. The larger problem here, is the tendency in black culture to elevate criminals to cult status. George was not "a good boy." This is the question the church needs to address: "How do we inspire all people to live lives of dignity and character."

Black Lives Matters is a bigoted, hate group. They deserve support from no one. Least of all the church. The bigotry and hatred they oppose cannot be cured with more bigotry and hatred.
~Mart Goodman
Cedar Park, TX

Mart Goodman more than 1 year ago