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It wasn't public pressure.

"Because of persistent public pressure, President Trump signed an executive order Wednesday reversing the administration’s practice of forcibly separating children from their parents."
It's not an accident that Trump is President. He didn't luck into it. He had a strategy for winning and executed. He has a strategy for this immigration policy. Trump got my mother to post on facebook how much she is against separating families. She got Laura Bush to publicly say so as well. A program that served 630 families isn't the solution. Now that Trump got everybody to declare what they are against, he presented his proposed policy, ie a reversal of Flores v. Lynch. I see four options (separation, detention past 20 days, expedited hearings, or letting them go). If you don't believe that immigrants should be stopped at the border, then you better start making that argument, because Trump got elected on this issue and he is not letting it go.

Chad. more than 2 years ago

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