Reconciling Ministries Network Publicly Renews Commitment to Inclusive UMC



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When one recommends

When you recommend people continue on in a life of sin without repentance, as Christ said we must, it raises a question as "to whom are you committed and faithful to?"

Skipper more than 3 years ago


We need to purge all wrong doing...God decide's ...makes choices on good and bad

ben matthews more than 4 years ago

A Worthy Effort

I applaud the words and work of The Reconciling Ministries Network. Unfortunately, it is clear the UMC is not going to give them what they want; the African and Southern aspects of the Church smolder with hatred towards the LGBT population.

It is time to split the church. You have already lost at least one generation; delaying another moment will lose you yet another.

This is too little, too late.

Ben more than 4 years ago