Research Documents How Fundamentalists View LGBTQ Inclusion as a Zero-sum Game They Are Losing



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The End Times. . . .

"I once was lost but now I'm found. . . ." As Christians our identity is in Christ. Yes, Christ did not condemn the adulteress but He changed her life. Jesus calls those without sin to cast the first stone. No one can throw this stone because we all have sinned. But to pursue Jesus is to pursue holiness. Jesus said "go and sin no more." Often this is conveniently forgotten. Jesus forgives if we repent, turn from our sin, and "go and sin no more." 1 John says of those who can willfully sin that "truth does not abide in them." God is truth if we willfully sin then God does not abide in us. With America being a post-Christian nation it is now much easier to identify a truly obedient congregation and commune with them. I applaud those congregations who stand firm in their beliefs, who pursue holiness, and offer the love of Jesus to all sinners and teach them His holiness and righteousness. Paul told us this time would come..."in the last will be lovers of money...despisers of good...lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God...lead away by various lusts...never able to come to the knowledge of truth" (2 Tim 3). The Epistle of 2 Peter is a warning against false teachers in the last days and we are there.....

Jeff 133 days ago

Nothing short of everyone conforming..

Why is it that fundamentalists cloth themselves in the nationalist fervor of the Roman's who persecuted the early Church? When did those freed by Christ become the very soldiers and pagans who tortured and crucified him?

I'm sorry I thought the blood of Jesus covered all sin. I guess not in America. Where is out ethics towards a unified demand of justice for all, forgiveness for all? Why have we willingly decided to side with harm? This isn't the Christ I recognize. My Christ is ever patient, giving boundless streams of grace that covers our sins both spiritual and man made.

We need Jesus again in the church and a common ethics and ethos or we are in trouble.

Eric pone 134 days ago

Dead to Sin, Alive to God

The answer to your concerns is found in Romans Chapter 6 vs 1,2. "What shall we say? Shall we continue in sin so that grace may increase? Certainly not! How can we who died n sin live in it any longer. Jesus shed his blood for our sins. It does not mean we continue to sin. Yes, we ask for forgiveness when we recognize that we have sinned. Even Jesus, in speaking to the woman accused of adultery told her to go "and sin no more" Christians that you describe as fundamentalists hold to a biblical interpretation of sin, particularly homosexuality, and reject denominations that have normalized it. It is impossible to be a part of any church where there exists such diametrically opposed theological beliefs regarding the word of God,

Teresa Dawson 132 days ago