Welcoming the Sojourners in Our Midst: Our Growing Response

Rio Texas Conference Increases Aid to Migrants



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Hello? We have lots of needy Americans who need help!

It is most charming how the most liberal welcome more and more to our table which is already stretched to $21 BILLION in debt. You welcome them in and we have to feed, cloth, educate, medicate and welfare-pay these new non-Americans. Don't we owe our poor, our veterans first?

Reese more than 1 year ago

Please accept an addition. With time, more points need be made!

Reality: This is NOT “MIGRATION” it is “INVASION”
Those coming across our borders, uninvited, undocumented, unneeded and, by most of us, unwanted, are not a historic migration of nomadic peoples, it is an invasion of people who are looking for a free ride, our healthcare, our education, our jobs, and in some cases, our LIVES! Oh? You want to argue that MS-13 and Middle-East terrorists are not here to take lives? Oh? You want to argue that drug lords using these invading people to move life-killing drugs are not after our LIVES?
School districts all over my beloved state of Texas are in desperate financial straits because of all the non-Americans, non-tax-paying families sending so many students to class. Special language classes cost money. Free lunches cost money. More teachers cost money. Education in Texas is in financial trouble. Our legislature is currently considering ways to RAISE TAXES to pay for the extra expenses, but it is a mess without agreement.
Small local hospitals all over my state are failing because of all the free healthcare they are forced to provide to invaders and their children. Have I no compassion? I have plenty, but my compassion is for “Americans First”. We have plenty of needy!
Our church will always have a calling to help those in need, but to encourage the increasing numbers of those in need is out of bounds. We are broke. We are in debt, $21 TRILLION. This invasion must stop!

Reese more than 1 year ago

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