The Bible and Homosexuality: A Way Forward



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Thank you, Paul!

I appreciate the careful work that enabled you to write your article, and then the charitable spirit that surrounds it. I agree with you that it is possible to move forward together and to do so without having to define the future as an unholy compromise (that is, a new way that is viewed negatively by one or more groups). But that hoped-for outcome demands holy conferencing which cannot wait for, or be accomplished during a ten-day period in May 2016. The time is NOW for persons of a willing spirit to engage themselves toward a legitimate end that preserves the unity of the UMC while keeping our declared commitment to Scripture, Tradition, and the Wesleyan heritage in place. I can easily lose hope about this, and then I read again and cling to Jeremiah 32:27.

Steve Harper more than 6 years ago

Agreed! If only...

The forces of repression within the UMC would listen

George Nixon Shuler more than 6 years ago

"The forces of repression" ...

If that arrogant, judgmental attitude is common, there is little hope for holy conferencing OR for maintaining unity.

Paul more than 6 years ago