'Town Hall' Panelists Urge Action on Race Issues



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Dismantling Racism

To be clear, racism exists. It is ugly and is a plague on our society. I agree that silence regarding racism is the acceptance of racism. We must have the intestinal fortitude to leave the sanctuary of the sidewalk and march united against this plague.
I want to understand the issue more completely but I cannot see how there can ever be any healing or elimination if the two sides are perceived to be screaming at one another. This portrait of division seems to be the objective of the “professional looters” and “police provocateurs” that are tolerated and allowed to hijack the movement. These interlopers cast a pall over the entire movement and the fear they generate deprives the movement of its virtuous message and spoils the fruit of the honorable labor of the generations of men and women who have fought so diligently to eradicate racism from our civilization. .
Yes, we need to get off the sidewalk and enter the movement. But until the movement can develop a backbone that tells the troublemakers that they are not wanted then I am afraid that we will train up another generation of ugly Americans: black and white.
Let's be honest and let's be clear, the blame is on us: all of us.

Rick LeBaube more than 1 year ago