UMC Justice Leaders Issue Joint Statement on the Killing of Ahmaud Arbery



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After all these years...we still have a lot of work to do

I think that civil conversation has been going on and on and on and that's important, especially speaking up to hate and violence. We also need to proclaim and act and put our money where it will help to right the injustices, into projects such as the innocence project, speaking up agains the abuses of refugees and asylum seekers, the prisons, the health needs (especially relevant in this pandemic) and the educational needs of our marginalized brothers and sisters who may be of all colors, races and religion. It is action, money and caring for each other that makes the difference. Every church should put their beliefs on the outside as well as the inside of their church, with a sign and their work and their financial support of making things change. Begin by voting out the racists in our present government. Your voice and opinion matters but it's action that brings change.

Janet Baker more than 1 year ago

When will Americans understand

Only 2 comments so far- this saddens me. And then the tone of the comments - not the compassion and understanding I hoped for. I've dealt with racism in America for over 60 years. I remember when we Blacks were allowed to go into the public library. I remember when were allowed to go to any beach. I remember when the filled the city pool up with dirt, rather than integrating it. Right there in Brunswick, about 8 miles from where this young man died on a Sunday afternoon.

At no time in American history did the offending people feel that they were unjust or racist. The men that killed that Black man - they are just good people who were protecting their property. Just like the killers of all the other men in the article.

Four hundred years in this country, and it's ok to kill an unarmed black man, if you acted in good faith. After all, Travis life is more valuable to society than Aumaud's life.

Listen to the 911 tape "but what did he do wrong?" I'd like just one White person to say - I'm going to speak out against this kind of racism.

Algertha Diggs more than 1 year ago


I do not know anyone who is in favor of racism. The plea of this author loses some of its appeal when citing Michael Brown and Freddie Gray as innocent. The facts say otherwise.

kevin more than 1 year ago

I and God Agree

“Don’t murder.”

Two words is only the ones needed

Richard F Hicks more than 1 year ago