UMC to Launch 'Dismantling Racism' Initiative



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We should probably remove the story of the Canaanite woman from the Gospel because of the obvious racist undertones. Then we can move forward.

Kevin 211 days ago

Gonna Tackle Racism! Why? Why now?

Bored with the same old Titanic deck chair shuffle UMC leadership has busied themselves creating a spark of revolution to straighten out the common folks.

Why? When has this worked since 1968? The Perfectionists (Enneagram Ones) come out of hiding every few years to get the rest of us in line. Has it worked?

Plans and big programs dont' work. They're like the revivals of old. All the drunks would publicly get saved and be drunk again in a month.

Weekly, daily 12 Step meeting are much more effective.

So what might Racist Anonymous meeting look like?

A recitation of the Sermon on the Mount. A public reflection of how the SM has help the speaker to not be a racist. Public congregational confession of the universe full of sin not just racism. Absolution.

This all sounds familiar. What did we used to call this? Oh yea, worship.

Keep coming back! It works!

Richard F Hicks 212 days ago

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