United Methodist Women: Not Guilty Verdict Gives Greenlight to Vigilantes



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Not Guilty

Justice is not about right or wrong. Justice is about the law. According to the law, Rittenhouse was charged by the state with crimes thought provable. The state prosecuted Rittenhouse under the law. The defense for Rittenhouse presented its argument on behalf of Rittenhouse. The jury was charged by the Judge to deliberate and render a decision according to the law. The jury found the state failed to prove its case against Rittenhouse. The jury found for Rittenhouse who was found not guilty of the charges made under the law. The Judge dismissed Rittenhouse as not guilty under the law. The court of public opinion is another matter. The court of public opinion is not occupied with the law. It is occupied with opinion as to what is or is not or should or should not be right/wrong. The COPO is not driven by evidence but by expectation. The COPO is not driven by a fair and impartial examination of facts, evidence, etc. but by a predetermined preferred outcome in the light of which all is to be examined or ignored so that the preferred outcome will be the actual outcome. In this case, the jury made its decision according to the law and not according to public opinion. This has greatly upset media pundits and politicians at all levels as well as various activists. This is the very exact reason why the judicial system acts upon and is driven by law. Otherwise, from one case to another, the only rule would be that of opinion and vendetta ... i.e., everyone does whatever they want to do ala Judges 21:25.

bthomas 49 days ago