Unsnarling U.S. and Church Racial History



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He Came in Peace

“Systemic racism” applied a generation or two ago, but no longer applies. The figures show twice as many whites are killed by black police as the other way around. So systemic? No, but some seem wish it were. Jesus came in peace and showed it's a more excellent way.

Skipper more than 1 year ago


You need to do more research before you make grand statements like - systemic racism no longer applies. Part of the problem in dealing with systemic racism is the biased way that people use data as evidenced by your comment. The white population in the US is about 4 times larger (76.3%) than the black population (13.4%). Based on that, if you redo the math, a black man is about 2.5 times more likely to be shot by police than a white man. In addition, systemic racism applies to much more than policing. It's a term that covers a long history of discrimination against black people that you can easily research and learn about.

John 300 days ago