Washington United Methodists Listen to 'Voices We Need to Hear'



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President Trump supports gay marriage

I am not sure why Ms. Burwell is "for the first time" living in fear as a gay American. Love him or loathe him, President Trump backed gay marriage long before he was President. Obama and Clinton were rather late to the bandwagon, and clearly only did it when they thought it was safe politically.

the enemy hates clarity more than 5 years ago

Except that he isn't going to back it now.

He said in a Feb 1, 2016 inteview with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday that he would "Strongly consider" appointing Supreme Court Justices to overule the decision on Same Sex Marriage. https://youtu.be/7q9NlqFwwiI He really just said it, in his own words. Start watching at 8:29. I will let his words speak for himself.

Greg McLaughlin. more than 5 years ago