'Why Is It Our Problem if a Gay Muslim Shoots a Bunch of Other Gay People?'



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It is not as simple as you think

"If traditionalists have built a closet for queer people off of weak biblical evidence": You never reference what God said at the time he created the world. The writer never saysthat marriage is always defined as one man, one woman. He never says that this is the first time in 20000+ years of Christianity Christians have even tried to embrace same gender relationships as being God-ordained. The unvarnished truth is that homosexuality is incompatible with 2,000+ years of Christian teaching and this is an age where un-varnished truth does not play out well. And if the United Methodist Church is such a great influencer of society, why have people been walking away from it for almost 50 years?

If Christianity as a whole wields such influence, why is there widespread agreement that the USA is in a post-Christian era? Does your openly publicized frustration and disagreement with orthodox/traditional/conservative Christians mean you would condone a shooter going into a church? It works both ways. Would you want orthodox/traditional/conservative Christians laying the guilt on you if such a shooting happened?

I fully understand past experiences have put you in a position of passionately wanting to defend those that influenced your life. And I concede that the fundamentalist approach to Christianity in the past created a very negative atmosphere for gay people. And I know people in the church who experience same sex attraction who are kind and wonderful people. And I know other kind and wonderful people who have a besetting sin of a different nature.

I also know from experience that to affirm the homosexuality of some people is to affirm a whole host of other brokenness and psychological problems. And although this initially started with a question about same gender relationships, that is not where the discussion has stopped; more often than not the reference to is now to LGBTQIA which represents more sexual expressions/identities than same gender attraction. Do you truly believe that there is a person who is 'Intersex" or "Asexual"? And when it comes to Transgender, John Hopkins University no longer offers sex change operations because the head of Psychiatry proved without a shadow of a doubt the sex change was a cosmetic fix that did not address the brokenness within. I have also heard about children who drew the line in the sand and literally ambushed their parents with the news of their homosexuality and demanded immediate acceptance and never gave the parents a chance to process the info. And what I also know is that in America, we do not have an overabundance of mature Christians because basic orthodox Christianity has not had a strong foothold in any of the mainline denominations, including The UMC, for a very long time.

Betsy more than 5 years ago

Gay Muslim

So if you are one who adheres to our current Methodist position on marriage then there is a direct line from you to the deaths at the gay club in Orlando. Who actually believes this nonsense?

Kevin more than 5 years ago