Why It's Not Time to Ask People of Color to Be Hopeful and Pray for United



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Sorry, Your Conclusion Is Incorrect

While I empathize with your article, you missed the main reasons that explain why Donald Trump won and Hillary Clinton lost. Donald Trump largely identified and embraced the underlying problems of our nation which the silent majority of the nation find burdensome and which must be addressed. The U.S. has processes and budgets that are out of control. Donald Trump is not perfect; he often says objectionable things. However, his focus is correct; look at the nation's real issues. As for Hillary Clinton, she grossly failed to grasp these issues and her many transgressions caught up with her; Americans do not trust her! Going forward, we should all consider, pray and act in accordance with 1st Peter 2:9-17 as our guide.

William Dunkin more than 4 years ago

People of color

Obama, "one segment of the population" ? How strange it is that when a person who is not a person of color does a
commendable job of "walking in my shoes"; those of a person of color, he is critiqued? As legitimate as are the economic/jobs
concerns of those who voted for Trump, their failure to challenge his "birther" demonization of Obama, discourages me. I, as a black person am pleased that the writer seeks to "walk in my shoes".

Gil Caldwell more than 4 years ago

People of Color

I am one of those college educated white guys who voted for Trump. Unlike his opponent Trump did not sell his favors to foreign governments, Wall Street, Climate Changers, or any other group. Should make for a more balanced approach to governing when no special interest group stakes a claim on the Oval Office. I found it interesting that Trump got more black and Latino votes that Romney. 29% of the Latinos went for him. They were clearly not worried about a wave of segregation sweeping the land.

Kevin more than 4 years ago

Check out this article

By a Muslim, liberal woman who voted for Trump


then go check out her Twitter feed and see the harsh and hateful feedback she is getting. Liberal/progressives have a huge log in their eye when it comes to pointing fingers as to who is bigoted.

Betsy more than 4 years ago

I will be as respectful and mindful of all people

Regardless of race or ethnicity, just as I did before I voted for Trump! I just could not stomach the thought of 4 more years of an Obama-type presidency with all its political correctness and focus on one small segment of the population. Trump's election has started some much needed discussion that this is a country for all people even whites. And just for the record, I am far from being uneducated: I have an MS and spent 13 years working in scientific research!

Betsy more than 4 years ago