World Council of Churches Calls for Just Peace in Middle East



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Middle East

Might be nice to get a few facts straightened out. Israel was created as a country when the British left the area and was immediately attacked by all of its neighbors. The Arab residents were not expelled by the Israelis but left as a consequence of the conflict with the belief that they would return victorious. In 1967 the Israelis fought another war and took control of the entire city of Jerusalem among other regions. This included the Western Wall which hold special significance to the Jewish people. No one really believes that they will ever relinquish control of that. The Israelis left control of the Temple Mount with the Dome of the Rock Mosque to the Muslims who prohibit Jews from visiting. This is a remarkable act of restraint on the part of the Israelis. Were it up to me I would have blown up the entire mosque.
Despite UN resolutions the selection of a nation’s capital resides solely with that nation. It is a sovereign act that each county decides for itself. Whether or not other countries recognize that is a decision made by those countries. There is no enforceable law that compels countries to locate their capitals in more convenient locations. In 1995 our Congress passed a law to move our embassy to Jerusalem. The President could avoid doing so by issuing a waiver every 6 months. Presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama did so every six months. Last year the Senate voted made the move. This was not a unilateral decision on his part but one that was done with the unanimous consent of the Senate. Perhaps some senators thought their vote was a show vote and the move would never happen but it did.
The Gaza protests are not peaceful protests but violent rioting encouraged and paid for by Hamas. Hamas told their rioters that the Israelis were running away from their posts and they could climb the wall. That didn’t happen. Israel’s initial response was with non-lethal weapons. When that didn’t work they were forced to use lethal means. Fifty of the 62 people killed were Hamas fighters by Hamas’ own admission. So again we can see the extreme restraint the Israelis are using in countering the attacks. Hamas publicly stated goal is the destruction of Israel. Kind of difficult to negotiate with a position like that.
As always the Gaza “protests” will eventually quiet down and we will return to some sort of equilibrium but this time there is a new factor. The United States and a few other countries have recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. As the only democracy in the entire region we should be supporting Israel not condemning. The Palestinians will have to understand that the longer they wait to come to agreement the more they will lose.
Israel gained territory as a result of conflict and if it is in their national interest they will keep what they think they need. Germany is never going to get East Prussia back. Bolivia is not going to get its coastline back from Chili. Mexico will never get Texas back

Kevin more than 3 years ago

Peaceful Preferred

Too bad the protesters were not peaceful. They used guns (heard in video), various types of slingshots, hand held bombs and enough burning tires to blacken the air all over the area. The WCC article seems to ignore the fact that the protesters started the violence and then continued to keep it up.

Skipper more than 3 years ago