Appomattox Day (April 9th)



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To the Victors

This article still postulates a philosophy that the war was about slavery. Slavery was the platform but states rights was the underlying cause. Just like homosexuality is the platform but Scriptural obedience is the underlying cause of the UMC's disarray. As you suggest "the war ain't over yet" it is still being fought but not as you suggest. Yes there are radical right white supremacists but that's not the war that being fought. The war that is being fought and that will eventually erupt into a great armed conflict will revolve around socialism, gun rights, and religious liberty. Just as the Bible is the center of the conflict for the UMC the constitution will be the center of the next great war on US soil. If you question why the semi-automatic firearms are so precious to the Second Amendment crowd it is because of the coming conflict that will be wrapped in the constitution and the "Don't Tread On Me" flag of the second revolution. The irony is that those of us in the Authority of the Bible crowd are also wrapped in the constitution. The old adage "It aint over yet" is still alive. But this isn't a "southern thang" ...its a constitutional rights thang. Had Lincoln not made the war about slavery the north would have lost its interest in the war. That makes Lincoln an opportunist not an idealist. The anti-spcialism, second amendment, and religious freedom crowd are idealists wrapped in the constitution who realize as pragmatists that sometimes war is the only means. Interestly enough, even the pro-LGBT crowd in the UMC are taking that approach in their opposition to the traditional plan. "This ain't over yet".....

Jeff 363 days ago

Constitutional rights protect human rights

Please, check the history of the losers, of which my ancestors fought and lost. States rights were used to violate human rights.

Thomas Hudspeth 361 days ago

You are too much

Do you just enjoy fomenting ill will? Your tiny little island must be a different South than most of an entire region you so nimbly condemn. Yes my community was part of the segregated a South. Yes some are still bitter. But my formerly segregated community now has an African-American female mayor, an African-American DA, an African-American School Superintendent, several African-American Judges and sizeable majority of African-American officers in all the local police agencies. And we’re all making it and trying to move on to create the best possible community that we can. But I guess it doesn’t support your worldview unless all White Southerners are mouth-foaming, flag toting racists in white robes. Just get over yourself already. Judge yourself and your motivations more critically before you deign yourself qualified to judge -no condemn- an entire region and all of a segment of its population.

John 365 days ago

A good Methodist.

Lot of good Methodists from Ohio! :-)

Anonymous 365 days ago

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