Are There Lessons from the Coronavirus Pandemic?

Crisis Watch Oct. 9, 2020



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Was Corona sent by God?

No, God, whoever or whatever that means to you, does not send viruses, People contracted this virus which came from some lab when their protocols were violated. Unless you are a right-wing Evangelical, you use your brain and realize that had our nation shut down for two months, once this virus was realized as extremely dangerous, we would not be still having people becoming ill and dying.
In the US the president mishandled the knowledge that the virus existed and insisted that it was a "Hoax, perpetrated by the Democrats."
God did not send the virus.
Will the church survive not being able to meet on Sunday or hold their useless, endless meetings? Unless they stop demanding that the cleric attend all these meetings, plus prepare a sermon worth hearing, pay him or her a high salary so that they can rent or own a home that is not a dump, which most parsonages are, dumps, no the church will not survive.
Frankly, we can't do things the way we did in the early 20th Century.
The church must embrace science, not fear science. Learn and realize that people who are L, B, G, or T DID NOT CHOOSE their sexual orientation or gender identity. Some conferences in the UMC have finally come to that reality, others are back in the 1600s and are still burning witches, or throwing them into the river. If they drowned they were not witches, if they stayed afloat, OMG, they were witches and burned at the stake.
Frankly, if the church cannot come into the 21st Century it should be tossed in the trash barrel.

Carla+Robert Skidmore more than 1 year ago

Came from some lab?

From what I have seen, the science appears to dispute the lab hypothesis. Otherwise, this comment is "spot on."

John Astle (United Methodist Insight) more than 1 year ago