Climate and Coronavirus Still Our Greatest Threats

Crisis Watch Nov. 13, 2020



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Climate and Corona virus

If you are pinning your hopes on Joe Biden solving the COVID 19 problem then you will be disappointed. His only strategy is more shutdowns. Given the economic damage from the last shutdown the country has no stomach for more of that and will likely not comply.
President Obama tried subsidizing green energy initiatives and what did we get? Billions of dollars down a sucking hole of failed companies. Wind and solar are unlikely to ever provide a majority of our energy needs. As for the climate accords which exempted China and India the world's two biggest polluters there is no point in signing up to that. Already there are European countries looking for waivers because they can't meet the targets. These accords are simply a massive wealth transfer. I am not looking forward to the next four years.

Kevin 7 days ago

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