Candles for the Uninsured

'Trumpcare Is Cruel, Immoral, and Unholy'



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Rights, etc.

Welcome to Groundhog Day. Back on Christmas eve, December 24, 2009, Obamacare was pushed through with costs being paid by the healthy to provide for the sick, elderly and infirm. It reduced costs for people with existing conditions. It extended insurance for conditions not broadly supported by the public. In the following years lots of folks saw their insurance premiums go through the roof and their deductibles reach astronomical heights. Obamacare became a talking point in the culture war. Now a new healthcare bill is coming down the tracks. Obamacare will be terminated. A new healthcare plan will be put in place. Some people will be helped ... some hurt. One side is lauding the new legislation. One side is lambasting it. Down the road the general public will be outraged at the cost of healthcare. Those who make the money off payments will not care as long as they get paid. The top 20% will be just fine. The other 80% will be locked out of the clinic. The political class will do photo-ops about fixing the healthcare crisis in America. Welcome to Groundhog Day.

bthomas more than 4 years ago

Heaalth care

Little more than an anti-Trump rant.
California is considering 100%% coverage and the estimated cost is twice the size of their annual budget. Being insured is not the same as getting health care since doctors can refuse to accept Medicaid or Obamacare patients. Insurance that provides nothing is worse than no insurance.
Do not be fooled by empty promises or predictions of doom.

Kevin more than 4 years ago