Five Ways to Create An AIDS-Free World



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Stigma harms treatment and prevention

When known HIV+ persons are shunned and ostracized by their family, church and society, others who may be HIV+ see that and are deterred from being tested and treated themselves in order to avoid that stigma and pain. This serves to help spread the disease, as their sex partners become infected and the cycle repeats. If we truly love our neighbors as ourselves, we should create a safe place that encourages them to be tested and, if HIV+, then treated.

Bill Graf 251 days ago

There will be new diseases

Anyone who accepts evolution knows that there will be new diseases in the future. AIDS/HIV is estimated to have become a human disease in the early 1900s based on its rate of mutation. As was the case with HIV, new diseases will likely come from altered animal pathogens.

It is disheartening to see rates of gonorrhea, syphilis, and chlamydia rising as medications have reduced the chances of HIV infections. People do need to be more careful. While these three diseases are treatable, this may not be the case in the future with strains resistant to antibiotics arising.

David 253 days ago

Why is widespread abstinence among those not in a monogamous marriage undesirable?

While I can see that in our post sexual revolution society that widespread abstinence among those who are not in a monogamous marriage may be unrealistic, why would you label it undesirable? Surely statistics about celibate singles who enter traditional marriage with another celibate single and who remain faithful within that marriage have an almost non existent risk of contracting HIV absent transfusion with infected blood or using dirty needles? Just because abstinence outside of marriage is “difficult” in no way means people of faith shouldn’t aspire and advocate for it. When you label it as undesirable, you tacitly advocate for sex outside of marriage. I’m not suggesting I have no guilt in this regard, but only curious as to why a so-called leader in my denomination would label abstinence as “undesirable.”

John 253 days ago

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