Good News from Giving Tuesday

Crisis Watch Dec. 2, 2021



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Giving Tuesday is Stupid. Tithing is Smart.

Be smart. Do smart. Live smart. Tithe on your gross income each week.

Additionally we can return to God offerings beyond our tithe.

On this Giving Tuesday just past, my wife and I gave $300,000 that God had given us to steward to Oklahoma United Methodist foster care agency Circle of Care.

This will build a second new home for foster kid sibling groups so that no child has to be separated from siblings when in care.

We are childless yet we have 16 kids on our homes!!!

Talk and tips are cheap as Bonhoffer said. Dig and live deep.

Richard Hicks 42 days ago

Money Talks!!!

You money says a whole lot about faith, hope and love

bthomas 39 days ago