Health Care Is a Universal Right



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Health: a public good.

People have forgotten that municipal water systems (and sewage systems) were developed when the wealthy realized their families were being sickened by their "household help" who had bad water supplies. Diseases continue to spread with no respect to a persons wealth. Universal health care is good for everyone. Money should go to doctors, nurses, hospital and office staffs, not to insurance CEOs!!! Furthermore, when wealthy people get tired of "providing more money for the program than the poor people do".....let them provide higher wages to working people!!!!

Else Gauley Vega more than 2 years ago

Health care

Anytime we determine that a good or service is a right is a right then we are also mandating that there is an obligation on someone else to provide that service. I find that concept to be offensive. Since when does your right impose an obligation on me? He then goes on to admit that Obamacare is indeed wealth redistribution that does little to help the poor and actually hurts the middle class. And he wants even more of that. This is complete nonsense.

1jkew1JGuxNseC9J33xiT9noJhpYUTr0lPgpRerMLVo= more than 2 years ago

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