Marking the Non-Opening of GC2020

Coronavirus Pandemic Updates April 30, 2020



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Tooley LIES again!

Here's Tooley's latest lie:
"The schism plan most likely to be approved would ask Methodist congregations to decide by majority vote whether to join a new traditional denomination or stick with a liberal United Methodism that allows same-sex couples to be married in the church and the ordination of LGBTQ clergy."
In fact, NO UMC congregation would be *required* to vote, unless a majority disagrees with their annual conference's decision to leave or (by default) stay in the UMC.
Like Uncle Remus' B'rer Fox sharpening his axe, Tooley is intent on whacking off as much of United Methodism as he can, hoping that if "liberal" clergy are induced to disclose their true theological leanings, their congregations will abandon them for Tooley's new kinda Methodism, so-called.
Covid-19 stopped the General Conference cold in its tracks, forcing us all to wait another year to have second thoughts about the wisdom of imploding the denomination in the face of a global pandemic which, among many other facets, will force humankind to abandon our cherished disagreements and work cooperatively to save lives and prevent infections--especially among our most vulnerable and impoverished members of the human family.
It is highly instructive that at this moment of crisis, grief, and hopelessness for many, Mark Tooley chooses to harp on his usual divisive rhetoric. Like he has nothing better to do with his spare stay-at-home time than to stir up his usual pot of trouble.
Even when humanity cries out for a new spirit of compassion and truth. NOT lies, Mark!
Even after Tooley's uncorrected LIES made it to RNS, I'm not at all sure that Tooley deserves uncritical exposure on UMInsight.

Wayne more than 1 year ago