Three Easy Ways the Church Can Support People with Disabilities During the COVID-19 Pandemic



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What’s it like

All church leaders should learn what it’s like. Here’s a few ideas

From a parking place get a walker/wheelchair out of the car. Get it open. Lock the car. Get into the building under your own power

Travel to the toilet and get seated then back onto the appliance on your own

MOST REST ROOM DOORS CAN BE REMOVED. Almost all public buildings have removed them. Take a look. Copy best practices

Put Scotch tape on goggles. Put goggles on. Try walking around

Plug your ears. Sit in pews. Try to hear

ALL WORSHIP LEADERS can learn to speak loudly and clearly like we did prior to mics and speakers. The fewer the words THE better

Richard F Hicks more than 1 year ago

Christmas Eve

This past CE my wife and I attended the 6 pm service in the big room of our 1970s mall like church’s big room. She is temporarily disabled. It opened our eyes

The darkness slanted and rough uneven floor with overgrown plants creates and obstacle course. The nativity set pieces blocked two of the super big TV screens.

I’ve proposed what is submitted below to our leadership and will began pestering it into wisdom in June

Christmas Eve 4 pm Home Before Sundown

On a flat even floored room with lots of open space for walkers and wheel chairs
Well lit
No flashing lights with dancing camels
No loud music. No clergy needed
Congregational carol singing with simple accompaniment
KISMIF keep it simple make t fun
Distribution of preconsecrated wafers and dipping
No sermon! Just read the scripture. There’s the message
Done by 4:40p. Home by sundown

Besides your own folks reach out to your local market especially assisted living and senior centers. It’s called evangelism

Richard F Hicks more than 1 year ago