UMC Opposes Editing DNA in Human Embryos

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Interesting, but...

...the ability of medical science to alter genetics is obviously already here. Alarmism and hand-wringing are not appropriate responses. Sure, the possibility of a result whereby a divide develops between those who benefit from some genetic modification and those who do not is real, but the solution is to insure all have access. It recalls the country preacher's assertion in the 18th Century that to take Dr. Edward Jenner's smallpox vaccination violates the Will of God. That was bad theology then and it's bad theology now.

George Nixon Shuler more than 4 years ago


The field of genetic science is moving very fast. There are so many variables to consider such as life enhancing therapies, pass along traits or not, what are "good" intentions, what are "bad" intentions, how to deal with mistakes, availability to all or just wealthy, should there be legislation attempting to control chilld-bearing, if so what should it be? It seems just too deep a well to dive into for the average person, or even congregation. Decisions will be made on genetic engineering with or without a United Methodist policy statement. The Church community can inform the debate from it's perspective (which likely is not uniform)
but I doubt seriously if the Church's stance will matter much to our secular world unless we move quickly to encourage a wide ranging dialogue among all perspectives theological and secular. We must recognize that some will choose "our" preferred path and others will choose differently. Being able to make an informed and free choice is part of being truly human.

Rich more than 4 years ago

DNA manipulation and evolution

If, as I believe, evolution is part of God's plan for the universe, then this manipulation throws it off course. Where it goes now, no body knows.

Don_E. Bray more than 4 years ago


So the objection here is that such tampering interferes with God's design. Would that our stance on abortion take the same view. Inherited afflictions are some of the worst degraders of quality of life. I can think of no reason to withhold such treatments. How do you explain to a parent that her child must be born to die at an early age when we have the means to prevent that?

Kevin more than 4 years ago