Wake Up to COVID-19 Realities in 2021

Crisis Watch Jan. 27, 2021



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COVID reality

Actually the 99% number is pretty much on target. Using your numbers it comes out to 98.4%. Is that really so much different that it is worth saying 99% is a lie? The CDC claims a 99.4% survival rate.
The case fatality rate is the number of deaths based upon the number of infections. We really do not know the number of infections. We only know the number of those who have tested positive. We can only estimate the number of untested infections. This is where the differences come into play. The national average is a 1.6% case fatality rate based upon the known number of infections. Or if you prefer a 98.4% survival rate. The actual survival rate is higher because there are unknown number of people infected but not tested. The case fatality rate varies widely from state to state with New York being the worst with a 4.6% fatality rate. Any studies done last summer are already out of date since our medical community has gotten much better at detection and treatment since then. No doubt the 99% survival rate or better is true by now. The real problem is that this virus does not target everyone equally. Children and youth are largely bullet proof while the elderly comprise an overwhelming percentage of the deaths.

Kevin more than 1 year ago