Iowa Clergywoman Resigns; Support Grows for Florida Pastor



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You Don't Have to Break the Rules to Love Everyone . . .

But everyone needs to repent (turn from sin). George Whitfield began a sermon on repentance in this manner:

Luke 13:3 — “Except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish.”

When we consider how heinous and aggravating our offenses are, in the sight of a just and holy God, that they bring down his wrath upon our heads, and occasion us to live under his indignation; how ought we thereby to be deterred from evil, or at least engaged to study to repent thereof, and not commit the same again; but man is so thoughtless of an eternal state, and has so little consideration of the welfare of his immortal soul, that he can sin without any thought that he must give an account of his actions at the day of judgment; or if he, at times, has any reflections on his behavior, they do not drive him to true repentance: he may, for a short time, refrain from falling into some gross sins which he had lately committed; but then, when the temptation comes again with power, he is carried away with the lust; and thus he goes on promising and resolving, and in breaking both his resolutions and his promises, as fast almost as he has made them. This is highly offensive to God, it is mocking of him. My brethren, when grace is given us to repent truly, we shall turn wholly unto God; and let me beseech you to repent of your sins, for the time is hastening when you will have neither time nor call to repent; there is none in the grave, whither we are going; but do not be afraid, for God often receives the greatest sinner to mercy through the merits of Christ Jesus; this magnifies the riches of his free grace; and should be an encouragement for you, who are great and notorious sinners, to repent, for he shall have mercy upon you, if you through Christ return unto him.

Skipper more than 2 years ago

It's Simple

Rebel. They can't get all of us.

eric more than 2 years ago

One down, thousands more to go

I would have hoped by now more clergy would have resigned but we have to start somewhere.
Hopefully, this is like priming the pump and other resignations will begin to flow. We need some bishops to follow this pastor’s lead.

Steve more than 2 years ago

Not holding my breath

I think there's a lot of waiting going on, to see what happens next. I don't expect a lot of resignations. But depending on the next turn of events, that's might change.

JR more than 2 years ago