'Only Remaining Hope' for Middle East Peace Is Churches

Churches Urged to 'Prophetic Voice and Action'



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Peace in Middle East

Only the Jews have any legitimate claim on Jerusalem and the land that is promised to them by God. They have won the land they control the same way it was taken from them, by force of arms. That is how they hold it. Given away land will not bring peace. It will only give land to those people groups that want to destroy Israel. It is and always has been a matter of survival for the Jews. There will be peace when the surrounding Muslim nations accept that Israel is a reality that will not go away. Until that time, there will be tension, and from time to time there will be war. History offers no record of any nation that found security and peace by surrendering land to it's enemies. Those that did only made it easier for their enemies to march in and take over. It is understandable that Israel is a good student of history and that it will not repeat such errors.

bthomas more than 4 years ago