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Harsh, simplistic, dogmatic, and doctrinally problematic

Harsh in that a young man who perceived he was called by God (and who are you or I to doubt that?) to take the Gospel message to an unreached people was brutally killed by this people. Whether we agree or disagree with what John Chau did, I hope we can agree in sadness and loss for his family and friends and for all of humankind. It is a poor time to be critical of his motives or methods.
Simplistic, dogmatic, and doctrinally problematic in so many ways that I probably cannot do justice to them all in this commentary. First, let me comment in areas we may agree. As I have been taught, the Great Commission passage primary command is to “make disciples “ and the verb “go” is better interpreted as “as you are going.” I trust we can also agree that when/if this passage is/ has been used to “colonize, ..., kill, and conquer (unless we are referring to conquering evil, sin, and death)”, it has been misused. Why would you equate evangelism with these other three? Why would you imply that this is the only passage in the Bible that addresses disciples of Jesus going, sharing the Good News, and evangelizing the World, or that there is no continued need for evangelism in the World today? Sorry, Rev. Bryant, but this one gets another “badly done” from me. Sorry, UM Insight, but you get to share in the “badly done” for posting this blog.

Scott S more than 1 year ago

Thank God!!

Thank God the mainline churches didn't read or take seriously thinking such as found in this article. If they would have my family would never have come to faith in Jesus Christ through the faithful witness of missionaries. With pastors such as the author it is no wonder that our mainline denominations are in decline!!

Eriberto Soto more than 1 year ago

Theological guidelines

Based on your assertions in this commentary, it appears you trust neither Scripture nor Tradition. What you have left is Experience and Reason. Sounds more compatible with Universal Unitarianism than with Methodism/ Wesleyanism. I ask this sincerely: why are you a United Methodist? Considering that you believe the mission and vision of the UMC is flawed, what do you believe that is united with other United Methodists?

Kathe more than 1 year ago

58 words

We should go through the Bible and take out the words that make us uncomfortable. We can call it the Sugar Bible and everyone will be happy all the time and we will never have to hurt anyone ever again.

Kevin more than 1 year ago

Good grief!

"How many innocent people have died for those fifty-eight words?" Yes, how many people died because they believed in the truth of the Great Commandment? How many people died because they wouldn't renounce their belief that Jesus is truly God? How many people died because wouldn't renounce their belief that Jesus truly rose from the dead? How many people died because they believed that faith in Christ brings victory over death itself? I'm so glad to now know that they were all fools because we just can't trust the truthfulness of the canon.

John more than 1 year ago

Adding to John's cmment

Romans 8:36 As the Scriptures say, “For your sake we are killed every day; we are being slaughtered like sheep.”

Kathe more than 1 year ago

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