A Letter to Martin Luther King Jr. – 2017



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We need a true separation of church and state

The government was never intended to be a moral arbiter of the people; it was designed with the understanding that the church would handle that job. One of the best outcomes of the election of Trump is Christians realizing that the government cannot do the church's job. Prohibition is a prime example of how the government trying to legislate morality was a complete and total failure. And how effective has Civil Rights legislation been in erasing racism? As a bishop of the church, stand up and help make the church the church, not a branch of the government! Start by reading Philip Yancy's "What Is So Amazing About Grace" in which he contrasts the limited way legislation changes a person as opposed to the life transforming power of God's amazing grace!

Betsy more than 4 years ago

Letter to MLK

Dear Bishop White
The only people who are attacking our democracy are those who refused to accept the results and continue to undermine the president elect.
My prescription for you is to watch four Diamond and Silk videos on Youtube. You will feel better.

Kevin more than 4 years ago