A Pro-democracy Faith Movement is Forming. Will it Be Enough?



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We do not live in a democracy. That was by intention The founders knew that every democracy fails because it tramples the rights of the minorities. So that's why we have a Republic; the non-democracy parts (senate, electoral college) are there to protect us against being trampled by an out of control majority.

RJ 34 days ago

Democracy in America

"suddenly American democracy is not functioning very well." Notwithstanding RJ's comment, the veracity of which I can't dispute, I'd say that whatever semblance or facsimile of democracy here is no worse than it has been for decades. The breathless cries of progressives about the pending collapse of democracy in America are neither useful nor Christian. And if our government does someday devolve into something painfully un-democratic, will it really change the earthly goals of Christians to pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, endurance, and gentleness?

David Kingsworthy 33 days ago


Personally, when I read words such as::"The breathless cries of progressives ", I am saddened. Continuing to demonize anyone, anywhere, anytime who may have a different approach provides "no room'" for finding common ground.. May the light of Christ come into the world and show us all the path to Peace. Merry Christmas, everyone.

w.f. meiklejohn 33 days ago