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A perspective on the African UM voice

by another African American from outside the UMC:


betsy more than 1 year ago

Just because you do not "get" traditionalists

Does not mean that we are deficient are "wrong". It means that we are simply different.

I have a Master of Science Degree with a strong emphasis in biochemistry. I spent 20+ years working in the field of scientific research; 13 of those years at a well-respected medical school.

After a lifetime of being a Methodist/United Methodist I have come to the sad conclusion that the African United Methodist Church has a better grasp of the gospel than the American United Methodist Church. I came to this conclusion after spending a significant amount of time with the writings of John Wesley. I now firmly believe that the African church is still grounded in the crucial basics whereas the American church has been at it so long it has wandered off on a tangent, making Christianity of the Wesleyan/Methodist persuasion a confusing and complicated mess. We should all be ashamed of what John Wesley's practical Christianity for a plain people has degenerated into:Theological factions jockeying for position and control.

Here is how a traditionalist from the Baltimore-Washington Conference views Africa:

And here is the response a highly educated woman who is standing her traditionalist ground:

Bottom line is traditionalists grounded in historic Christian doctrine--which has absolutely nothing to do with modern fundamentalism--are not going to quietly fade away. I am willing to live with those who disagree with my understandings and respect your right to do so, but for there to be true peace that has to be a two way street.

betsy more than 1 year ago

Response to Betsy

A two way street was exactly what the One Church Plan proposed.

Richard Miller more than 1 year ago

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