Amicable Separation or Political Advantage?



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Maybe the Fight Goes Local

Lets assume for the moment that the Traditionalist Plan wins. We don't have to as moderates and progressives accept their views. And we don't have to leave. As a local pastor I felt stifled and sabotaged during my ministry within the church. And for a while I left. But then I came back. Why should I leave to make THEM happy? So yeah I am back and I am active. Now I have chosen to ordain with a marriage organization rather than the church itself. This affords me the opportunity to marry who I want and to do ministry how I want without being restrained by interest groups within the church. I see this as the way forward. I get to be in ministry without the politics. And I get to stay home in my home denomination.

Eric Pone 365 days ago

Odd wording...

"Each of us thinks that the other one is the “unbelieving partner,” but progressives aren’t pushing to separate. Since traditionalists do not believe in sharing a denomination with LGBTQ clergy and weddings, they should be allowed to leave."

But the Book of Discipline is already established and progressives want to change it. Why would the traditionalists leave? Also, the sexuality debate is a symptom of a much larger theological divide. I don't think progressive understand this divide and want to blame it all on the sexuality issue.

"If you do support inclusive Christian campus ministry, please help NOLA Wesley prepare for our new denominational reality after February 2019 by becoming a monthly patron or offering a one-time gift."

This is a complete contradiction of what you wrote previously. Are you expecting the OCP to fail? Because it sounds as if you expect it to.

Sarah more than 1 year ago



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