An Open Letter to Tom Lambrecht from Bishop Elaine Stanovsky

Bishop Confronts Good News' Exec for Violating Way Forward Guideline



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Bishop Stanovsky Feelings Hurt

The reality is that church law prohibits the ordination of practicing homosexuals. ¶ 304.3 Qualifications for Ordination does not leave anything open to interpretation, it's clear. When Bishops step outside the law even with the best intentions, they have sinned "and punishment will follow." Romans 13:1-2

When leaders of a denomination set aside any one of the rules of the law making body, they have set them all aside. The Discipline should not and cannot be interpreted as an a la carte book of guidance rather than church law.

What bishops like Stanovsky have done completely shreds the very fabric of a united church. Breaking church doctrine by an appointed bishop is nothing short of malfeasance in office.

Brother Thom, more than 1 year ago

The Way Forward

My heart also aches when colleagues choose to select a few words or comments, then use them in a public forum to attack the motives of another. I am weary of reading the harsh attacks from leaders of the IRD, Good News Caucus and the WCA against our Bishops. I pray that all the members of The Way Forward will seek to speak for themselves, rather than assume to know the motives of others. We deserve better.

Bill Pyatt more than 3 years ago

We no longer understand each other

If Bishop Stanovsky is hurt by Tom Lambrecht's words it is because they are operating with two totally different understandings of how the church functions. And truthfully, it is Bishop Stanovsky who is reinventing how the church functions when she continues to work outside the parameters of what the General Conference has stated since 1972. The church was designed for Bishops who are willing to enforce the will of General Conference, not operate off their individual conscience. And there is a Church that embodies many expressions, it is most definitely NOT The United Methodist Church but rather the holy catholic/universal Church of which The United Methodist Church is called to be only one small, unique part of. I listened to every voice I could find within the UMC from shortly before GC2012 to shortly after GC2016. By the time I stopped my image of the The UMC went from being a gianormous square raft with umpteen oars lining the sides each paddling the best it knew how to cats with their tails tied together. We cannot keep up the charade that we are united when there are absolutely no beliefs held in common that promote true unity.

betsy more than 3 years ago

Book summary

The book addresses how we collude with those we oppose in producing the very things we say we’re fighting against. There is a long section on self-justification and how our own preferred methods for doing it serve to perpetuate conflicts. And there is a pyramid of actions that emphasizes personal work and building relationships before attempting anything like correction.

Chad more than 3 years ago