Are We Really Better Together?



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Better together

Only three buckets? Let’s add a few more.
Scripture fit for Africans but not Americans
Scripture for aging baby boomers that does not apply to millennials
Scripture we will follow for now but will pressure you to give up later
Scripture the sophisticated citizens of Seattle must follow (that would be a pamphlet)

Sounds silly doesn’t it? And yet that is what we are practicing and are getting ready to officially codify.

Kevin more than 1 year ago

In short, I don't see how

Just a cursory review of articles from this site, RMN, Hacking Christianity, Good News, Love Prevails or WCA can only lead one to conclude that we are divided on theological grounds to the point that any further attempts at forced unity are doomed to acrimony and hopelessness. If the "Traditionalists" prevail in February of 2019, many "Progressives" and some "Centrists" will leave and form a new Weslyan group or denomination. If the reverse happens, many if not most "Traditionalists" will leave and form a new Weslyan group and denomination. Maybe that way both sides can again turn to mission and bringing people closer to God and our Savior, his Son. As matter now stand, we are hopelessly divided and resentment and cynicism is settling in. I know in my heart that nothing is too difficult for our Lord, but both sides sincerely believe they are following God's message for us in Scripture. Let's move on, be generous and accommodating to either side that believes in good conscious that they are unable to stay and be true to their understanding of Scripture and go our separate ways in love. That has got to be better than this.

John more than 1 year ago

Could not agree more

Another way to describe our division: whether or not there are basic tenants of Christianity that survive from generation to generation or Christianity is something to be reinvented for each successive generation. Based on this article the author is one of those that believes the latter, making Christianity a never ending discussion. The author of this article falls into the latter group. Methodism is in existence because John Wesley wanted to help individuals live with an already established understanding of who God is and who they were at that particular point in time. There was nothing in new and improved in what Wesley taught he only applied established understandings to his day and place. We don't have to reinvent the "wheel".

betsy more than 1 year ago


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