As Evangelicals Win with Trump, Little ‘Good News’ is Left in the Religious Right



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All wrong

Jacob Lupfer does not understand the evangelical vote at all. For evangelicals it comes down to voting for the lesser of two evils. We simply cannot abide abortion, same-sex marriage, nor socialism. The evangelical vote is based on a significantly different understanding of the Bible than what theological liberalism offers. Any that is why the conservatives will leave United Methodism regardless of the 2019 GC outcome.

Jeff Lucas more than 1 year ago

response on voting for Trump

The problems here are two-fold: absolutizing the abortion issue when there is very little (or nothing) said about it in the Bible, and equating the democratic Party with socialism when conflict between the role and expansiveness of the federal government is a core staple of the US political experience, extending back to the confict between Hamilton and Jefferson on this in the 1790s.

George E. Demetrion 12 days ago

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