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I feel so loved and supported by my brothers and sisters

I feel so loved.

Richard more than 2 years ago

Start With the American Flag

You will first need to remove the American Flag. Nearly a century of horrible injustice (slavery) occurred under the American Flag. It flew over shipyards in New York City constructing slave ships, over the ships themselves transporting slaves packed like sardines, and over the docks where the ships unloaded. But those terrible injustices are just part of history now. Some need to get over it and carry on with their lives. It can be hard to replace ill feelings with love, but it so worth it!
Don’t forget the American Flag flew as the soldiers in blue burned crops in the field to starve people. That cost German General Manstein a 20 year prison sentence in WWII. Some said it of o.k. for the United States to starve people, because the U.S. had refused to sign the Geneva Accords of humane treatment! And the American flag flew over U.S. Navy ships blockading food and medicine shipments. It flew as soldiers burned whole cities to the ground leaving millions of people hungry and unemployed for years. There was no program like the Marshall Plan to re-construct Europe. Instead, Carpet Baggers raised taxes a thousand percent in places to steal people’s land – and that was all they had left after their property was burned! The American Flag flew as soldiers when all through the country-side burning houses and barns and killing or stealing all the animals. They destroyed fences and farming implements. This work of hatred caused several generations to live in poverty. And some have never recovered.

At least Lee questioned the institution of slavery from previous generations and released his father-in-laws slaves at Arlington farm (that didn’t keep the Federal Government from later stealing the farm to make a cemetery). Doesn’t that put him ahead of Gen. Grant, who had no problem with slavery and had a house slave at his house through most of the war?

Freedom of Speech may be taken very lightly at Duke. They may value silencing those whose opinions are different more than freedom. But Jesus was different and calls on us to be different. Christians are to be different from the world!

Skipper Anding more than 2 years ago

Removing a statue will not fix anything!

Here is the type of thinking I respond to:

The responses to the white supremacy rally and the resulting violence in Charlottesville have metastasized out of proportion to what happened. The media’s amplification and exploitation of last weekend’s events, the surrounding tensions and virtue signaling reactions have been irresponsible and destructive. The renewed push to erase history by removing Confederate memorabilia from public view are misguided acts – superficial symbolism that won’t have a meaningful effect in reducing white identity politics or racial discrimination.
What’s also been irresponsible are some of the responses and reactions by Christian onlookers.

Betsy more than 2 years ago

Doing your job

I find it hard to believe that angry rants are part of the job. I know what church not to attend when I am vacationing on the Outer Banks. Thanks.

Kevin more than 2 years ago

How is removing a statue

going to change how people relate to each other and view each other? The problem is not the statue. The problem is people and their relationships to each other! I suggest that you read "What Is So Amazing about Grace" by Philip Yancy and just maybe you will get a better understanding of what your job really is!

betsy more than 2 years ago

The Problem - glorification of faces of stone and marble

I am on board with Richard's insights and most importantly his prophetic declaration. What we have done as United Methodist as well as God-fearing American, we have failed to tell the truth, nothing but the truth about the impact of the Civil War and how it continues to shape American and the United Methodist Church.

The problem simply is our comfortableness with sin. We glorify our heritage, and we entomb the faces of sin in marble and stone. Robert E. Lee was a treasonist who placed significant roles in over six hundred thousand deaths in the Civil War. Never in the history of this nations has more Americans died. Shameful! We have glorified faces of stone and marble much too long, not because of justice and truth - on the other hand, to memorialize 13 Southern States and their leaders who wanted to sustain their lifestyle and economy on the backs human of beings made in the image and likeness of God. The suffering and human cost didn't matter. How shameful!

We all can justify and glorify our heritage, yet the glorification entombed in the faces of slave owner and bigotry will not sustain our church nor our nation.

sam more than 2 years ago

"Never in the history of this nation (have)more Americans died"

Wrong. You accurately state more than 600,000 Americans died in the Civil War. But that is not the most in our history. Every single year more than 900,000 Americans die in their mother's womb. If you were as strongly opposed to abortion as you are to statutes in a public square, you would have some credibility.

In Christ,

The enemy hates clarity

the enemy hates clarity more than 2 years ago

When did Jesus teach such hate?

Your statistics on abortion are wrong. You are exaggerating. Look at the CDC numbers for abortion statistics.

But please, continue to lie and hate in the name of God. And you wonder why few and few people come to church every year. I hope God has more love and tolerance for you than you have for others.

Will more than 2 years ago


Not all states report their abortion stats to the CDC. In 2015 there were 908, 000 abortions in this country. Top three reasons for abortion were; Not ready for a child 25%, Cannot afford a baby 23%, done having children 19%. Bottom three reasons; rape .5%, fetal health issues, 3%, physical health problems 4%.

Kevin more than 2 years ago


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