Bible-Believing Christians: Either Socialists or Liars



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Absolutely False

I will keep this very simple: The Bible was written for Christians. You are confusing some major issues. 1. Government and Christianity are not one entity 2. Not everyone is a Christian in society and therefore when they get to vote they won’t vote for your principals so why would you EVER give them the power to determine where your money goes? 3. Government has the power to take and to eradicate if it so chooses, so giving them any power over your purse is a slippery slope to no purse. 4. As Christians we are expected to take care of “widows and orphans”. It does not say to pay Caesar to do it. We are expected to do as Christ commanded. We are not expected to give away our free will to an entity who may or may not do what they promise. 5. History has taught us some very eye opening lessons about mistaking government’s actual roll in society. Please look up genocide, WWII, nanny state, etc. Jesus expects you to personally be responsible for your roll in this world. 6. Widows are no longer thrown out and kept from their husband’s assets. So be good stewards. We have more opportunity and freedom in this capitalist country than any society in history! We have the freedom to have property, choices, and the means to protect it! God Bless the Christian ministries who operate the many networks in which they do take care of the poor and downtrodden DESPITE Caesar! You’re entire stance lacks historical objective, economics, and truth.

Mrs. Hower 295 days ago


I agree God commands us to take care of widows, orphans, foreigners, children the poor and others. We are to love God and Love our brothers and sisters. And I am certain that if we do this God will bless us greatly. But you are taking a political approach to solve a problem that has endured and will endure until Christ comes back. Do you really know what a "socialist-type economy" is. Long ago I heard a Christian economic advisor explain that "it is all God's money so think about how to account for yourself to him." My Christian Dad also instilled in me that the world does not owe me a living since I was 6 years old. Call me a Capitalist, please do. Do you really think that all Christians who work hard for a living are liars and rebellious? Christ was raised up as a working carpenter. A trade taught by a patriarch. Even the passages you cite in Acts represents trades people who contribute the hard work and talent to support the community. I have only been acquainted with UM Insight for about a week and it appears not much longer. Too much crazy talk to me. Write me of as one of those Traditionalist. You go one way and I will go the other, kind of like Abraham and Lott and others. No sense in wasting time here.

Steve O. more than 1 year ago


Stick around Steve. You are going to see some interesting stuff here. You seem like an insightful guy. Your comments will be appreciated.

Kevin more than 1 year ago

Thank you, Dr. Thomas

As I read your article, my heart gave praise: someone in the leadership of the church really "gets it"! Here is the spirit of real Christianity I learned growing up in a little congregation that heard what Jesus taught and applied that faith directive to every aspect of life, including care for our neighbors, all of them, through our tithes and mission work and helping hands; public service; thoughtful and informed voting; integrity in the workplace; respect for everyone and everything and for the world . . . being a person of God meant our faith guided all our relationships and commitments, our ideologies, our very lives. Then as I read through some of the responses to your testimony, the disappointment quickly reminded me of all the reasons I left the Methodist Church fora faith family where God's Word is not turned into judgment and where selflessness, open minds, open hearts, and helping hands reach out to and include all God's people. There should not be and never should have been any need for discussion of whether we welcome or extend our care; we are called to love as God loved us, and that is the discerning factor of how live out our days, form and operate our government, and relate to one another and relate to the rest of the world.

William more than 1 year ago

Not an exclusive argument

Given the choice, I would rather live in a socialist economy, with an effective church, than in a faith dominated economy where checks and balances are ill defined, i.e. more subjected to interpretations. Fact is that a balanced economic and social structure is the foundation of American freedoms. We appear to be going too far toward a faith dominated society where personal faith and salvation are key factors when in fact a person faith is between the individual and our creator (Mt 12:32), only, no human judgement is necessary. However, Jesus is clear that our serving those less fortunate is preferred to the narcissistic act of consuming our resources in order to enrichen ourselves.

Don E. Bray more than 1 year ago

If we’re all in the hammock, who pays for the hammock? Who rocks it, repairs it, renews it?

Now cometh the call for Hammockracy; a future by elected Hammockists who espouse full hammockization of all of us through Hammockist government. A liberal former UMC preacher has the temerity to call us non-hammockists out and suggest we are not “Christian” and are even liars?
Devout Hammockists never consider “supply side” reality (where do needed things come from, or who pays for them to be invented, delivered?), they are totally “demand-siders”, demanding not only free education, but free monthly money to most, free food, free housing, free medicine/medical care… Hammockists demand a free ride, but offer no specifics on how to pay for it. No respect for the “hard work” of generations, they’ve no understanding of the self-respect and personal power that hard work brings. No respect for the “risk vs. reward” courage which leads those of self-determination to build a better life through investments in labor, products and services. No understanding of how a growing economy works: the more people that WORK, the more wealth created, the more there is to share! No acceptance of the critical role of personal decisions, either good or bad, in lifestyle.
Hammockists despise capitalists! Hard work, risk, all those things which improve our lot are discounted, only their demands for a free ride in a nice hammock for all is considered worthwhile. I deeply resent any accusation that we Christian capitalists do not act within Christian values. We share our profits, we share the fruits of our labors, we deliver toys and food at Christmas, clothes and care at crisis, more, we pay a ton of taxes, much of which is used for the many safety nets of our society.
But, Hammockists are not satisfied with mere safety nets, of which we have many for those in need, they want hammocks for everyone. Name a nation which has led the way in providing a better life for their people through hammockism!
I have never reached full 10% “tithing” to a church, but my civic contributions through Lions Club, United Way, Salvation Army, Scouting, Little League, battered women rescue and other things take me to a level of giving that I believe responsible. Only through my hard capitalist work can I make these contributions. I reject this absurd article 1000%. I believe in both Jesus AND the importance of self-reliance and self-determination as keys to a happy life. And, I believe in golf.

Reese more than 1 year ago

Free market

I can only shake my head in dismay when I read something like this. To say that Christians are either socialists or liars is probably not the best way to kick off a dialogue. It simply diminishes the author. Free enterprise is what generates wealth. People see a need and then provide a service or product to meet that need. Of course they will expect to be paid and will charge whatever the market allows. Price too high and no one will buy it as the perceived value is not worth the cost. Too low and the producer loses money. Over regulate and a black market develops. It is a self-regulating system sometimes referred to as the invisible hand of Adam Smith.
In a country with strong copyright laws and patent protection tremendous wealth can be generated. America does this best. We live in a country where creativity and entrepreneurship is highly rewarded. Socialism does the opposite. It does not produce anything but takes from those who generated the wealth. You can only do that so much before destroying the process by which wealth is generated. Venezuela is a case study in what happens. An oil rich country which has taken one step after another into socialism. The Venezuelan government set up an office to control currency as citizens traded for foreign currency and sent their money off shore. This weakened their own currency. Without a strong currency buying foreign goods or raw materials became difficult. Shortages occurred for various products. The GDP started dropping and as income dropped the government printed more money, resulting in runaway inflation. As the cost of goods went up the government intervened with price controls, mandating prices for all sorts of everyday goods such as hamburgers and bread. This simply resulted in a black market for various products. Their entire economy is now in shambles. No Christian should ever be in favor of a system that impoverishes the people. That is not a loving act. If you are a socialist you are without love for your brothers and sisters.

Kevin more than 1 year ago

Evangelicals and presidential elections

What some folks keep missing in the last election are the mixed motivations of those Evangelicals whose votes put Trump into the White House. Many cast their ballots while holding their noses, because, let's face it, both candidates were lousy. If we could have recorded a choice of voting AGAINST the worse choice instead of voting FOR the least bad choice, perhaps we wouldn't be faced with this ongoing misinterpretation of most Evangelicals supporting Trump instead of voting to keep Clinton out of office.

John more than 1 year ago

Socialism is not Christian

Your premise is that the Bible requires us to be socialist, with the government taking from the haves and giving it to the have nots. While socialism has lofty goals, state sponsored socialism is never required in the scriptures. Yes we are to give to charity and to help those in need, but it is a matter of free choice and should be motivated by the Holy Spirit, not done at the point of a gun. Ananias and Sapphira were not punished for giving all their money to the church, they were punished for lying to the Holy Spirit. They died for hypocrisy, not for being uncharitable. Charity should be the churches job, not the government. Yes we need a safety net in our society but not socialism. Socialism does not work in a democratic society. As soon as you pay people not to work, some of them will take advantage of the situation. Socialist have found that the only way to make it work is if you take peoples rights and force them to work. This is where socialism becomes communism, which has resulted in the death of more people than the Nazi's and the facists. Mao starved more of his in the 1950's than Hitler killed in the gas chambers. Also I would be nice if Ms. Thomas and all the other progressives stopped the name calling. That is a form of hate, that is banned in the Bible. Now I have a question for all of the socialist types that none can answer: "If a person enters my house and takes my property at gunpoint it is called robbery. What is the moral, not legal, difference if some one hires politicians who will take my money and give it to them, knowing that if I don't cooperate, men with guns will come and take my property by force and then throw me in jail." Can someone please explain the difference between robbing me and hiring people to rob me on an ethical, not legal basis?

Scott D more than 1 year ago

Socialism may be good in a perfect world.

It's hard for me to think of socialism and not think of the National Socialists, or Nazis. My family lost a son in WWII fighting to stop them from taking over the world. A disadvantage of socialism is it seems to discourage people's desire to work hard and take care of themselves by making them depend on the government instead. I would say it is better for the person in need to have someone to individually help and love them rather than the government do it and possibly leave them thinking they deserve a free ride.

Also, we have SNAP, welfare, WIC, Medicaid, and Social Security Disability, right now and our medical system works better than in socialist countries where they have to ration care because the government is bankrupt.

Skipper more than 1 year ago


Your mind is very closed.

Cindy more than 1 year ago

Please take your socialist drivel elsewhere

This is not a political website, so why do you insist on pushing on this website for a socialist agenda in which a godless entity, the government, subjugates Liberty for its view of what equality should look like. Socialism is fine until it runs out of other people's money. Religious freedom has flourished in free market economic systems yet withered in European-style socialist economies or been outright banned in state and party controlled Soviet style systems. Why do you feel it's even necessary to raise this on a website addressing issues in the UMC? I honestly can't take anything you say seriously at this point. I'm sure you'd love Venezuela and they could probably use your assistance down there. There you probably won't be haunted by the conservative evangelicals you so fear and loathe.

John more than 1 year ago

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