Bishop Jones Willing to Spend Millions to Support Bigotry



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Jones is my Bishop. He has given lip service toward seeking reconciliation between our factions over this issue, but here he comes down firmly on one side. In doing so, he begs the question, why should we UMCers who oppose the present church policy on same sex marriage and ordination of LGB Clergy therefore remain UMCers? It appears he has little to offer us, even as Episcopals and UCCers would welcome us with open arms. If he were to continue this legalistic position while supporting change, for the sake of continuity, it would not be desirable, but it would be a reasonable position. While he aligns himself concretely with the forces of the religious right here, he pretty much says to us, "there's the door." He should not be surprised therefore if many of us take his words at face value.

While I completely understand and support those who head for the door in this situation, I am of a different view. My position is not unlike those of that handful of campus radicals in 1967, who traveled to Cuba in defiance of the U.S. embargo by flying there after first traveling to Prague, Czechoslovakia. the group included some who were later among the Chicago Seven including Jerry Rubin and Tom Hayden. Rubin wrote in his book "Do It!" that they there met with Che Guevara a few months before Che's death in Bolivia. Rubin commented ruefully, "None of us looked forward to returning to the political b.s. in the United States." But Che told them, "You know, I envy you North Americans. You live in the belly of the beast." This inspired them for the struggles to come.

So it is with some of us.

George Nixon Shuler more than 8 years ago

Out the door? Then what?

Given the shrinking membership and abundance of clergy in the Episcopal Church and the United Church of Christ, I'm not so sure they would welcome UM clergy seeking transfer and employment. Naturally, they would welcome faithful, contributing church members.

Jeanne Devine more than 8 years ago

What Is Conciliation?

I'm so interested to hear what this conciliation you speak of in the final paragraph looks like. Is it when we conservatives change our minds on the issue? Is it when we leave the denomination? Or is it when the same sex marriage issue is left to the conscience and theological reasoning of each clergy? If it is the latter, clergy might thrive together, but congregations -- who are the very reasons we have jobs in the first place -- wont. If the same congregation receives a succession of clergy, some who WILL perform same gender weddings and others who WON'T, then that congregation will lack any kind of theological or practical consistency in its leadership. We will have again sacrificed congregational health on the altar of clerical convenience.

So with all that as backdrop, I am most interested in seeing what your picture of conciliation looks like.

Talbot Davis more than 8 years ago

Church Trials

As a former Bishop of The Methodist Church in Singapore and Malaysia, I applaud the courage and integrity of the Rev Dr Pamela LIghtsy in challenging the views of Bishop Scott Jones on Church Trials of United Methodist clergy who perform same-sex marriages. Yes it is an intentional disobedience of existing laws of the Church enacted by delegates to the General Conference which has never been regarded as infallible. Yes, it is deliberate act of Biblical obedience in affirming the human rights of LGBT including marriage. Yes, it is a recognition that LGBT are persons of sacred worth and justified to claim equality. Starkly presented one has to choose conscientiously obedience ultimately to what we honestly believe in God's commandment to love than to the General Conference determination of condemnation of God's people with different sexual orientation. It is a matter of Christian stewardship to employ limited resources to finance Church Trials than to promote reconciliation and living in diversity and harmony. The choice is before each faithful member especially of the Wesleyan tradition in this instance. Can we liberate ourselves from the rigid obedience to the traditional King and Established Church and be free at last. Thank God for our tradition of freedom.

Yap Kim Hao more than 8 years ago


I quote from my new Church Murder Mystery -- A SOUL TO DIE FOR --- with a slight adjustment... changing the word "He" to "The Church" "The Church is dead! The Church is as dead as a communion wafer in the hands of a bigot!"

Rev. THomas L.. Shanklin more than 8 years ago